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Have a rest at Vila Nikolina

If you desire a break in nature on a peaceful and quiet place with not many people, yet also close to the sea, beaches and crowded restaurants, we have an offer for you.

If you desire action, non-stop moving, to see and to know as much as possible, we have an offer for you too. In the crowded months of summer for a eternal traveler it is hard to find a reservation or stay for one night. Zadar and Petrčane are located in north Dalmatia, right in the middle of east coast of Adriatic sea, this is why every day you are able to go for an another and different one-day trip in different directions, to see all Dalmatia and wider, and in the evening to come back to peaceful "home" that is waiting for you.

The Villa contains two apartments with terraces; two additional bedrooms; a huge breakfast terrace, and saloon “tinel”. It has ample parking and a garden with places for sitting, sunbathing and intimacy.